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Child donates birthday proceeds to GBGH

Child donates birthday proceeds to GBGH

When Kyle’s parents asked him what he wanted for his birthday, they weren’t expecting the answer they received. Instead of asking for toys or video games like most eight year olds, Kyle wanted to do something a little different. He wanted to give back to the hospital in his grandmother’s community where she also volunteers.

GBGH just happens to be that hospital.

So for his eighth birthday, Kyle and his parents decided to do a “5 and 5” (or Fiver) party. Instead of presents, his friends and family brought $10 to the party. Five for the birthday boy and $5 which he would donate to a charity of his choice. Kyle is a popular kid because based on the great turnout at the party, he had enough money to generously donate to both the GBGH and a dog rescue organization (his family had a rescue dog in the past).  After his party, Kyle was very proud to have raised $100 for the hospital which he donated through the Volunteer Association. 

“I don’t really need anything and I really thought it was important to give back to my grandma’s hospital because she works really hard there”, says Kyle. 

Giving doesn’t always have to be about big events or massive amounts. Sometimes it just takes a small idea to inspire generosity among others, including children. And in case you’re wondering, Kyle did use some of his birthday money to treat himself to a new Star Wars game. Well-deserved Kyle!  For unique giving ideas, you can always contact GBGH’s Volunteer Association or the GBGH Foundation.



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