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Annual Equipment Needs

Annual Equipment Needs

Exceptional Care begins with you.

Bob & Sheila Burk

When I suffered my heart adventure in 2004, I was absolutely blown away to discover that all of the equipment used to stabilize, diagnose and repair me was purchased with donations. I owe my life to those people who donated, so I want to give back to the future patients at GBGH by making an annual giftI firmly believe that when you give to the hospital, you give the gift of life for someone else.”

~ Bob Burk, GBGH Patient




Ensuring the future of local healthcare

Can you imagine a hospital room without a bed?  Or an x-ray room without an x-ray machine?  What if you required an IV for medication, but there wasn’t a pump to get the medication from the bag to your body? 

There’s something missing in hospital funding.

The fact is, government funding provides for the day-to-day operational costs of the hospital and the staff.  The current funding model assumes that our community will finance 100% of equipment.  The purchase of all replacement and new equipment required for patient care is reliant on community support. 

Your hospital has operating tables, anesthesia machines, hospital beds, IV pumps and x-ray machines because people like you made donations to purchase them


Your Hospital Needs You

Right now, your Georgian Bay General Hospital needs more than $7-million to purchase critical medical equipment and complete important infrastructure upgrades.  The equipment on this list isn’t “nice to have” – it is essential equipment required to perform daily medical diagnostics, update our facility and care for our patients. Here are some examples:

Transport Defibrillator

Portable Ultrasound ($60,000)

Portable Ultrasound

Portable Ultrasound ($60,000)

Portable X Ray

Portable X-Ray Unit ($60,000)

Vital Signs Monitor

Vital Signs Monitor ($6,000)



Through current fundraising initiatives and programs, and responsible management of our donor funds, the GBGH Foundation provides $750,000 annually for the purchase of this equipment…but it’s not enough.

It is estimated that the needs will be more than $20-million in the next five years.

We need YOU to invest in local healthcare. 

An operating room, equipped with a surgeon and specialized staff, is absolutely essential.  But if that same room lacked the operating table, surgical lighting or anesthetic gas machines needed to perform the surgery, your care would not be possible. 


Please help us keep care in our community. Will you give a gift to ensure the future of Georgian Bay General Hospital? 



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