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More effective & efficient care means a new CT Scanner

More effective & efficient care means a new CT Scanner

Supporting the best care through CT technology at Georgian Bay General Hospital

CT ScannerGeorgian Bay General Hospital has a critical need for a new CT Scanner. Our current CT Scanner has reached the end of its lifespan and is beginning to malfunction and break down. We desperately need your help.
The CT Scanner is the workhorse of your Imaging Department. From 1971 when they were first introduced until now, they have evolved into a powerful diagnostic tool, used in almost every aspect of medicine.

Here at GBGH, our CT Scanner is used daily – 650 to 700 times a month – for vital diagnosis and treatment. Without a new CT Scanner, our patients will have to travel outside of our community for these essential services.

The CT Scanner is even more critical to our Emergency Department. It is used to quickly identify injuries that require immediate treatment. It is the primary tool used to diagnose patients with severe headaches, chest pain, abdominal pain and uncontrolled bleeding. The CT is used to scan the heart and coronary arteries to quickly diagnose strokes and to assess the heart muscle after a heart attack.

To put it bluntly, without a CT Scanner, our Emergency Department cannot function effectively, and lives will be at risk.

CT technology is also the primary tool used to diagnose, plan treatment, and follow up virtually all cancers, and is used to screen for lung and colon cancer; two of the most common cancers in the world today. We also use our CT scanner to assess the spine and bones, as well as just about any other organ in the body, and to follow up patients after surgery.

Over the past eight years, since we acquired our current scanner, there have been great improvements in CT technology, which will allow our team to work even more efficiently and effectively to provide you with the best care.

The new scanner we will be acquiring will produce detailed images of a very small area – a fraction of a millimeter – and will be fast enough to capture a single heartbeat, or scan the full body in a matter of seconds. The image quality is better, and patients are exposed to less radiation – 60 per cent less than a 10-year-old machine.

Because your hospital’s capital equipment is not funded by the province, this leaves the purchase of the new CT Scanner up to our community.

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