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Helen Smith

Helen Smith

"To whom it may concern,

During my hospital stay in room 202 from Friday night to Monday at noon; I had the best care by very professional nurses and their aides.  One nurse stood out above the rest.  Her name is Becky. She always seemed up-beat and you could hear the happiness in her voice, no matter who she was talking to.  When she said “I’ll be back shortly” to someone down the hall; it was almost as though she were singing, she sounded so happy.  She truly loves her job.  Of course there were others that made an impression also; Michele, who is fairly new to nursing and the area and she is very young and professional, and Vanessa, who I met the morning of my departure.  She was very thorough and certainly knows her way around problems and day-to-day work ethics.  There were others who made my day and I didn’t get their names, like the blonde lady/aide with the pony tail that said my smile made her day.  I’ve always said that a smile certainly goes a long way. 

I would also like to give my kudos to the 2 ambulance fellas who picked me up and delivered me to the hospital.  Their compassion and care was very professional and down-to-earth.  I’m sorry; but I don’t remember their names. 

This was my first over-night stay in the hospital in Midland since the 70s / 80s and things sure have changed and for the better.  The people around me seemed to take their time to be friendly and helpful, even though it only took about 2 seconds to ask such a question. 

Thanks to all."

Helen Smith
Waubaushene, ON



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