Our Health Series

Is it possible to change our destiny when it comes to the aging process? Can we keep our brains and bodies ”well oiled” so that we can thrive as we get older? Of course, we can!

On April 20, “Our Health” is hosting four experts who will tell us how we can take some simple steps that will help to make a real difference as we age. You’ll learn how positive thinking, social and physical activity, as well as lifelong learning will support successful aging.

Learn what the County of Simcoe is doing to support positive aging in our community around transportation, housing, social participation and outdoor spaces.

Baycrest is home to the world-renowned Rotman Research Institute and the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation. Listen as two panelists from Baycrest share their findings on how people learn, think and communicate as we age.

Our Regional Geriatrician will provide insights into what we can expect as we age. Is it normal to have memory lapses? Can we prevent dementia by doing crosswords or sudoku? How can we adapt to changes in vision, hearing and touch as we age? Can we maintain optimism and positive mental health when faced with some of the changes of aging?

Journey with us as our panelists answer these questions and de-bunk some of the myths surrounding aging. Our experts will give us strategies to promote brain and body health and help us to live our “best lives” as we age.


Event takes place on Monday, April 20, at the MCC at 7:30 PM.

Admission for “Successful Aging” is free with advanced registration.  Click here to register. Registration at the MCC opens Monday, March 23, 2020. 

Last minute seating is often available on a first-come first serve basis on the evening of the event. However, the best way to ensure a seat is to register in advance.