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Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Your Gift for the Future

Thanks for showing interest in supporting the Georgian Bay General Hospital through planned giving!

Planned giving, sometimes called Legacy Giving, is all about making a charitable gift in the future without sacrificing your personal financial security today.  This kind of giving is funded from your resources or assets accumulated over your lifetime, rather than your current annual income.

The most common planned gift is a bequest (see below). The bequest gift is noted in your will and it simply outlines your estate charitable giving intentions. There is a tax benefit from a bequest gift and it is realized by your estate when the gift is actually made upon your death.

Outlined below are also several other types of planned gifts which allow you to make a gift in the future but receive significant tax benefits now.

Whether you leave a planned gift to the Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation (“the Foundation”) in your will is entirely your choice and we know that considering a planned gift is an emotional experience.  We are happy to chat in confidence to answer any questions you may have, and at the same time we encourage you to seek professional advice from your professional advisors (lawyer, life insurance agent, investment advisor, tax advisor, accountant …) so that all of your estate planning goals and wishes are considered.

When the time is right, please explore some of the more common ways that people like you, and of all different financial means, have chosen to create their legacy.

Some Planned Giving options that may be of value to you for consideration and will help the Foundation in the future include:

1.) Bequests     

A bequest stated in your will is the simplest and most straight forward planned giving method for you and your family to help the Foundation.  With a bequest you have the use of all your accumulated assets/wealth now and the satisfaction of knowing that you have left a planned gift to the Foundation out of those accumulated assets.

Click here to download additional information (PDF)

Click here to download a Sample Bequest Clauses template (PDF)

2.) Life Insurance                  

Donating life insurance is a simple and convenient way to make a big difference in the future. You can donate an existing life insurance policy that you may have to the Foundation or purchase a new life insurance policy through your insurance agent. The Foundation must be either the owner or beneficiary of the policy in order for you to receive tax creditable premiums.

Click here to download additional information (PDF)

3.) Gifts of Proceeds from RRSPs and RRIFs

Naming the Foundation as beneficiary of the proceeds of your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) and/or your registered retirement income fund (RRIF) can provide your estate with a significant tax receipt as well as provide a future gift to the Foundation.

Click here to download additional information (PDF)

4.) Gifts of Marketable Securities

Donate appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds and take advantage of the best tax benefits. This gift can be made today, or as part of your Will.

Click here to download additional information (PDF)

Keeping it Simple

We have provided a number of downloadable documents to provide you with additional planned giving information that may be of interest.

Your financial planner, tax advisor, insurance representative and lawyer will be able to professionally guide you in putting together the planned gift that works best for you.

Lastly, the Foundation staff is very comfortable meeting or talking with you in confidence to answer any questions or explore together any ideas you may have.   Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help.




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