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Rigid Cystoscopes – Fall 2016

Rigid Cystoscopes – Fall 2016

Fall 2016 - Rigid Cystoscopes


Your Georgian Bay General Hospital provides patients with a wide variety of treatment and diagnostic services, ranging from urgent care and CT scans to surgeries, clinics and scopes.

But, did you know that the tools and equipment necessary to provide these services are not funded by the provincial government? Your tax dollars only pay for the utilities, salaries and medication portion of your health care – not the equipment necessary to provide the best care.  Beds, stretchers, operating tables, vital signs monitors, scopes and analyzers at GBGH are available for you because someone in our community made a donation.

In Ambulatory Care, community donations have purchased a new operating table, defibrillator, scopes and monitors. This year, we need your help to ensure we can continue to provide cystoscopies, which help in the diagnosis of bladder tumours, enlarged prostates, cystitis, abnormal bladder function and the presence of kidney stones. These are fairly common conditions, which are treatable with early detection and intervention, making it critical to have this service available close to home for our patients.

We perform more than 260 cystoscopies each year at GBGH, and the key tool for this procedure is called a cystoscope. This small telescope provides high magnification, allowing us to make the most accurate diagnosis possible for each and every patient we see. Our current scopes are more than 10-years old, and they need to be replaced.

We need three new cystoscopes, and each one costs $7,000; your gift today will help save the life of someone in our community.

Will you help?

Please consider a gift that will help your friends, family and neighbours continue to receive the best care close to home. Giving is easy: you can make a donation in person at the GBGH Foundation Office in the hospital, by calling 705-526-GIVE (4483), or by filling out the form below.

Thank you for your consideration,

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Dr. Benjamin Okafo, Urologist                                    Becky Rawn, RPN
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