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Rigid Cystoscopes

Rigid Cystoscopes

Rigid Cystoscope

It's a Rigid Cystoscope!

This important surgical tool is used in Ambulatory Care to provide cystoscopy procedures, which help diagnose and treat urinary tract infections, blood in the urine, incontinence and overactive bladder, chronic pelvic pain, urinary blockage, stones or unusual growths.

The current cystoscopes being used at GBGH were gifted to the hospital from RVH in 2010 and are now showing signs of wear and tear.  Without these critical instruments, essential cystoscopy procedures cannot continue to be performed at our hospital.  A new rigid cystoscope is $7,000 and three are required to maintain the high level of service currently offered.

Will you help?
Check your mailbox this Fall for a special letter outlining the importance of these scopes and inviting you to help us buy them for your Georgian Bay General Hospital!

For a look at the full Annual Equipment List for 2016/2017, please click here.




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