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Telemedicine Equipment (Spring 2016)

Telemedicine Equipment (Spring 2016)


Telemedicine takes this drive…

Winter Driving…out of specialized care.   


Imagine this drive, for two hours, just for a 15-minute appointment with a specialist.

Plus you pay $20 for parking and turn around to do the same drive home. This is a stressful, painful trip that some patients from our communities just cannot make.

There is another way!

You can drive 10 minutes, pay $3 for parking and have a private and comfortable appointment with your out-of-town specialist by video-conference right here at Georgian Bay General Hospital!  The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) makes it possible for patients to get the care you need close to home.

Telemedicine at GBGH is helping so many families in our community!  We serve patients for pre- and post-surgery, cancer treatment follow-ups, dermatology, mental health and rehab, plus we do critical emergency consults for in-patients.  Last year alone, more than 4,500 hours were logged on the two OTN stations at GBGH.  That’s more than 12 hours per day!

We need your help.

In June 2016, our current OTN equipment at Georgian Bay General Hospital will become obsolete – meaning that it will no longer be serviced or supported by the Ontario-wide network.  Without access to this amazing modern service, hundreds of local patients will be forced to travel long distances, incur significant expenses and be away from their families for extended periods. 

Will you help?

Like all equipment at GBGH, the new OTN equipment is not funded by our government.  We need to raise $35,661.57 to update the specialized OTN monitors, computer systems, phone lines, cameras and software that make this service possible.

Please consider a gift that will help your friends, family and neighbours continue to receive specialized care close to home.

Thank you,
Marilyn Shaw
Marilyn Shaw
Registered Nurse, OTN
Georgian Bay General Hospital


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