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The Road Home…A Patient’s Journey

The Road Home…A Patient’s Journey

                       Patient Passport

Every journey has a destination, and in active rehabilitation that destination is usually home.

The roadmap for this journey at Georgian Bay General Hospital is called the Patient Passport.

Developed by the Therapy Team at GBGH, the patient passport is a communication tool between the Care Team, Patient and their support network. This unique booklet provides the patient and their support network (family, friends) with information about the Care Team and contact information, plus outlines the patient’s current level of functionality, their goals for discharge and the recommendations of the Care Team. 

In essence, it provides the patient with all the information they need to understand and take part in their own active rehabilitation!

The passport also provides the patient and support network with details of their responsibilities for arranging equipment and services for discharge and explains what the Care Team is able to provide or refer them to.

How does it work?

The Patient and their family meet with each of the disciplines involved in their care: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Recreation Therapy, Nursing and Social Work.  The Patient keeps the completed passport as a record of their meetings and a list of recommendations from each therapist of the things they need for a successful discharge.

Congratulations to the Therapy Team at GBGH for their wonderful team work and innovation!  During the visit by Accreditation Canada in 2015, surveyors were very impressed with the Patient Passport.  In addition, the Therapy Team was the recipient of a Board Award of Excellence for the innovation.



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