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Support our Below Zero Hero

Support our Below Zero Hero

Support our Below Zero Hero

On March 10, 2017, our Below Zero Hero – Tom Restoule will begin the 6633 Ultra Race through the Richardson Mountains and onto the Ice Road in the Artic to raise money for GBGH and a new CT Scanner! Tom must travel a specific route carrying all that he needs with him through the bitter cold. Few entries survive this race. Tom is using this event to draw attention to the needs of the hospital.


6633 Ultra RaceTom is very passionate of the sport of running and trains year-round for races all over the world. He has 50 plus years of running including ultra-running (50km or greater) for the past 20 years and adventure racing (multi-day events) for the past 5 years.

Race distances include 125 km solo (7) Canadian Death Races with three Rocky Mountain ascents, winter Arrowhead 135 mile sled pulls in Minnesota, 160 km trail events and 7 day staged 250 km events (Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert and Racing The Planet in Madagascar). He has registered for another 7 day staged 250 km race in the Patagonia Mountains of South America in 2017.

The 6633 Ultra has been beckoning him for many years. It was announced that the Dempster Highway is being extended over the permafrost from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk with a 2018 completion. Upon hearing this, Tom immediately registered for his “share of the suffering”as, this will end the “ice road” route on the Mackenzie River for future truckers and 6633 Ultra competitors alike.

CT ScannerTom has already canoed 1700 km from Great Slave Lake to Inuvik on the famous Mackenzie River and this race offers (albeit on foot) the final opportunity to complete the last section of the river, under human power, to the Arctic Ocean.

During Tom’s 35 years of military service, he has experienced High Arctic winters at CFS Alert, Ellesmere, Restoule, and Iqaluit. With logistics and training behind, Tom looks forward to his physical and mental capacities being tested to a new level. It’s this passion and drive for the sport with possibly a touch of madness (normal in the ultra-community) that will get him to the historical Mackenzie River “ice highway” and only 180 km remaining to the Arctic Ocean and the finish line at Tuktoyaktuk.

To donate, visit the GBGH Donation Page, select "Below Zero Hero" fund and send your donation. Every dollar counts!

To learn more about the 6633 Ultra Race, visithttp://www.6633ultra.com/



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