About GBGH

About GBGH

If you live, work or play in North Simcoe, you have come to rely on Georgian Bay General Hospital to provide you with the best care possible, if and when you need it.GBGH Services

Your hospital serves 65,000 full-time residents and more than 150,000 residents and visitors during the summer months, from the communities of Midland and Penetanguishene, the townships of Tiny, Tay, Springwater, Georgian Bay and Oro-Medonte, and the Beausoleil First Nation community on Christian Island.

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Get the Facts: GBGH By the Numbers

Can you imagine a hospital room without a bed? Or an x-ray room without an x-ray machine? What if you required an IV for medication, but there wasn’t a pump to get the medication from the bag to your body?

There’s something missing in hospital funding.

The price of financing round-the-clock, lifesaving care is high and not entirely covered by Ontario’s current healthcare funding model.

The fact is, while government funding provides for the day-to-day operational costs of the hospital and the staff within its walls, the current funding model assumes that our community will finance 100% of equipment needed. The ongoing purchase of all new and replacement equipment required for patient care is reliant on community support.

An operating room, equipped with a surgeon and specialized staff, is absolutely essential. But imagine if that same room lacked the operating table, surgical lighting or anesthetic gas machines needed to perform the surgery. Without the equipment, your care would be incomplete.

Your hospital has operating tables, anesthesia machines, hospital beds, IV pumps and x-ray machines because someone like you made a donation to purchase them.

Your hospital needs you. Will you help?