CT Scanner

CT Scanner

We’re almost there!

In 2015, we began fundraising for a new CT Scanner for Georgian Bay General Hospital. Why are we fundraising? Well, a CT Scanner is an essential tool for our hospital, and the government provides NO funding for hospital equipment. And, it has a price tag of $1,600,000…so we started early.

In three years, we have received $1,475,926 in donations for this critical diagnostic tool – THANK YOU to our generous community for rallying together to ensure that all our patients can receive this important test when needed.

Need a little more information? Read on.

New CT Scanner

What is a CT Scanner?

The CT Scanner is the workhorse of your Imaging Department. From 1971 when they were first introduced until now, they have evolved into a powerful diagnostic tool, used in almost every aspect of medicine.

At Georgian Bay General Hospital, our CT Scanner is used daily – 650 to 700 times a month – for vital diagnosis and treatment. Without a new CT Scanner, our patients will have to travel outside of our community for these essential services.

The CT Scanner is even more critical to our Emergency Department. It is used to quickly identify injuries that require immediate treatment. It is the primary tool used to diagnose patients with severe headaches, chest pain, abdominal pain and uncontrolled bleeding. The CT is used to scan the heart and coronary arteries to quickly diagnose strokes and to assess the heart muscle after a heart attack.

How does it work?

A CT scanner uses a motorized x-ray source that rotates around the patient, producing 2D image slices which can then be digitally “stacked” to create a 3D image of the body. Images generated from the CT scanner are reviewed by radiologists, who are specialist physicians with expertise in medical imaging. They use the images from the CT scanner to make thousands of diagnoses each year.

The new scanner we will be acquiring will produce detailed images of a very small area – a fraction of a millimeter – and will be fast enough to capture a single heartbeat, or scan the full body in a matter of seconds. The image quality is better, and patients are exposed to less radiation – 60 per cent less than a 10-year-old machine.

How can I help?

Your Georgian Bay General Hospital receives no funding from the government for equipment. You donation through the GBGH Foundation ensures that equipment can be purchased, replaced and updated when needed. Please contact us for more information: 705-526-GIVE (4483) or foundation@gbgh.on.ca