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Trades for Healthcare Tools

Trades for Healthcare Tools is an initiative to engage local trades and businesses in supporting our Georgian Bay General Hospital.

“We believe strongly that having a great hospital is essential for our whole community, and we invite you to partner with us to have an impact on the care GBGH provides to our families, neighbours, clients and friends.”

We have a goal to help equip our hospital with an essential tool this holiday season – a new ECG (electrocardiogram) machine! 

Will you help us?

An ECG machine gives a quick “snapshot” of what is going on with a patient’s heart, at that particular moment. It’s a critical diagnostic tool that can instantly show if there is an irregular heartbeat, if that person has had a heart attack, or other key diagnostics.

The ECG machines at GBGH are 11-years-old, at end of life and experiencing frequent breakdowns. Currently, everything has to be entered into the older ECG machines manually, but new digitized technology in the new machines will enable faster results and enhanced care for hundreds of patients a year.

To learn more about the urgent need for new ECG machines at GBGH, click here to learn more (see page 15).

Please consider a gift today to help us ensure our hospital has the tools to care for us – our friends, families, neighbours, employees and colleagues – when we need them.

Donate now using the form below, or by calling 705-526-GIVE (4483).



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