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                                     EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR NICOLE KRAFTSCIK

                                         AND BOARD CHAIR KATIE HOUSTON

        You have made 2021 an incredible year to remember!      The ongoing need for new and replacement equipment
                                                                hasn’t slowed these past two years. The pandemic has
        Amidst the chaos of an ongoing pandemic, you            demonstrated just how critical it is for our hospital to
        have shown up for our hospital, our patients and        be able to respond to unpredictable demands, and
        their families in such a big way. You have expressed    the Foundation’s Impact Fund is designed to provide
        love and appreciation for our care teams through        flexible funding for our hospital’s evolving priorities.
        messages of gratitude and encouragement. You have
        made donations through our Heartfelt Thanks program,    Later this year, we are excited to share information
        recognizing individuals and teams for their exceptional   on some big, impactful projects that will ensure our
        care (see some of the donations on page 11).            Georgian Bay General Hospital can continue to provide
                                                                exceptional care close to home. Register today for our
        You have said, “We’re here for you!” to the GBGH        virtual Breakfast of Champions to learn more (page 9).
        team through your generosity. Because of you, GBGH
        has invested in critical equipment and technology,      We are profoundly grateful that you have chosen to
        including vital testing equipment for the Laboratory    support the GBGH Foundation this past year, and look
        (page 4). You have given us so much to celebrate        forward to working together in 2022 as we continue
        through your support of our events & campaigns          to empower Georgian Bay General Hospital to deliver
        (page 7).                                               exceptional health care.

        Right now, our hospital is dealing with the most        With heartfelt thanks,
        challenging phase of the pandemic to date. Although
        we cannot help relieve staffing pressures or slow the
        rate of covid infections in the community, we can
        continue to be here for our care teams with messages
        of support and encouragement, and by responding           Nicole Kraftscik           Katie Houston
        to the urgent need for updated equipment and              Executive Director         Chair, Board of Directors
        technology (page 10).                                     GBGH Foundation            GBGH Foundation

        2021/2022 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                    GBGH FOUNDATION STAFF

        Catherine (Katie) Houston - Chair               Nicole Kraftscik - Executive Director      GBGH Foundation
        Jennifer Schnier - Vice Chair                   Christine Baguley - Philanthropy Officer   1112 St. Andrew’s Drive
        Dave Turner - Past Chair                        Jen Russell - Development & Communications Officer  PO Box 760
        David Hobson                                    Catherine Johnson - Development Coordinator  Midland, Ontario L4R 4P4
        Dr. Richard Thomas                                                                         705-526-GIVE (4483)
        Jeff Holloway                                   Lisa Wanamaker - Donor Relations & Stewardship Officer
        Jenna Dafoe                                                                      
        Joe Rooney
        John Walker                                     Editor in Chief - Nicole Kraftscik
        Mary Harvey                                     Editor - Jen Russell
        Natalie Cote-Parnell                            Design - Collaborative Haus Marketing
        Ryan Merkley
        Steve Renault
        Gail Hunt - GBGH President & CEO
        Nicole Kraftscik - Executive Director
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