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                              BLOOD GAS ANALYZERS

                              Thanks to Nick & Marina Boudouris (OPA Catering, World Famous Dock Lunch & Pier 21 Restaurant) and
                              everyone who made a donation for Giving Tuesday, two new Blood Gas Analyzers were delivered to GBGH
                              in early January! The Laboratory Team was anxious to get them set up to ensure fast, accurate blood
                              testing continues. Not only are the analyzers faster, with more accurate results, but the efficiencies will
                              actually save $24,000 in operating costs each year!

                              ELECTRONIC PATIENT RECORD SYSTEM

                              In September, GBGH launched a brand new electronic medical record system in partnership with three
                              other hospitals (Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, Headwaters Health Centre and Collingwood General
                              & Marine). This new, state-of-the-art system is transforming the way information is shared between the
                              organizations (instantly!) and will positively impact several hundred clinical and operational workflows across
                              the continuum of care, ultimately providing safer, high quality care to the residents of the regions we serve.
                              Special thank you to The Mancini Foundation for investing $2-million toward the software upgrade, and
                              purchase of vital supporting technology.

                              COAGULATION ANALYZERS

                              Thanks to a generous donor – Doug Lamon & the Landmark Foundation – the Laboratory was able to purchase
                              two Coagulation Analyzers in 2021. These important instruments measure blood clotting characteristics, which
                              is a critical measure for patients on blood thinners, stroke patients, pre-operative surgery patients, and to help
                              physicians identify blood clots or determine the cause of unexplained bleeding. This test provides vital results
                              to physicians so they can determine treatment for their patients receiving either emergency or inpatient care.



       The Robbert Hartog Health Innovation Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of staff and physicians,
       especially those who demonstrate the characteristics of Robbert Hartog, a volunteer and philanthropist who worked
       tirelessly on behalf of Georgian Bay General Hospital.

       In 2021, the award was presented to two recipients; Alysya (Aly) Wang, project manager and Lynne-Marie Culliton, lead
       midwife at GBGH.
       Alysya Wang is recognized for her skills, knowledge, willingness to help others, and dedication to the hospital and
       community through the COVID-19 pandemic and the CARE4 (electronic patient record) Project.

       Lynne-Marie Culliton is recognized for her commitment, drive and dedication to maternal, fetal and newborn well-being,
       as well as continuously being an advocate for patient needs with an inclusive and holistic approach.

       Congratulations Alysya & Lynne-Marie!
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