Annual Equipment Needs

Right now, your Georgian Bay General Hospital has a list of more than $7-million in medical equipment needs and infrastructure upgrades. None of this equipment can be purchased without your donations.

The equipment on this list isn’t “nice to have” – it is essential, much-needed equipment required to perform daily medical diagnostics, update our facility and care for our patients. Here are some examples:



Ultrasound Machine ($220,000)

This non-invasive technology provides a wealth of information for important diagnosis of gall stones, appendicitis, cancer, fetal anomalies and so much more. New technology offers vastly greater image quality, with smaller, lighter probes and much more efficient (cooler and quieter) functionality.


IV Infusion Pumps ($440,000)IV Infusion Pump

Used to deliver medication and fluids to nearly 90% of all patients requiring hospital admission! These critical pumps ensure patients receive the right medication, in the right dosage, at the right frequency for the right length of time. (100 units to be purchased).


Telemetry PackTelemetry Packs ($155,000)

These portable heart monitors are used in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to continually monitor and record a patient’s heart rate and rhythm. For patients recovering from heart attack, stroke or other trauma, consistent monitoring of heart function enables the medical team to provide the best possible care. (10 units to be purchased)


Each year, the staff, physicians and management at GBGH identify the medical equipment needed to continue providing exceptional care. The list is reviewed and priority is determined with safety, patient care and healthcare standards as the measurement tool.

Although the GBGH Foundation, through responsible management of our donor funds, currently provides $750,000 annually for the purchase of this equipment,
the needs continue to be greater than the funds we are currently able to provide.

It is estimated that more than $20-million will be required by our Georgian Bay General Hospital to support critical patient equipment and facility upgrades over the next five years.

We need you to invest in local healthcare. When you contribute to the GBGH Foundation annual equipment fund, you are enabling the purchase of essential tools for your hospital, ensuring that exceptional care can be provided here for generations to come.