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Did you know that caring for our patients and their families starts with education at GBGH?

Every day, the GBGH team is dedicated to providing excellent care. To do so requires a lifelong commitment to learning. Ongoing education is one of GBGH’s core priorities. To ensure that health care’s current and future leaders receive the best education possible, we need the investment of our generous community. The healthcare system is evolving rapidly, and with this comes new technology, new practices, and new approaches to care. This helps to ensure that our healthcare workers are trained to provide excellent care and are prepared for any patient scenario. GBGH healthcare professional bursaries aim to provide development and innovative learning opportunities to the GBGH team. Community investment in the bursaries listed below is what allows us to continue to train tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.
Robert Hartog

Robbert Hartog
Health Innovation Fund

Established in April 2009 with $50,000 from assets of the Foundation, the Hartog Health Innovation Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of staff and physicians, especially to honour those who demonstrate the values of Robbert Hartog; someone who worked tirelessly on behalf of Georgian Bay General Hospital.

Gail La Chapelle

Gail La Chapelle
Education Fund

“The Family and Friends of Gail La Chapelle Education Fund” is committed to investing in the future of nursing at GBGH. Each year, up to $6,000 is awarded to nurses to help with their financial costs of education ($5,000 in education grants and a $1,000 bursary).

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