Impact Fund

Impact Fund

We need you to invest in local healthcare. When you contribute to the GBGH Foundation’s IMPACT FUND, you are enabling the purchase of essential tools for your hospital, ensuring that exceptional care can be provided here for generations to come.

Each year, Georgian Bay General Hospital identifies millions of dollars in medical equipment needs and infrastructure upgrades.

The equipment required is essential to perform daily medical diagnostics, update our facility and care for our patients. The Senior Leadership team of the hospital has worked diligently to prioritize the most critical needs for the 2022/2023 fiscal year with safety, patient care and healthcare standards as the measurement tool.

However, even an approved capital list is not exempt from the ever-changing landscape in healthcare. If a piece of equipment breaks down unexpectedly, it needs to be replaced. This means that something critical will be removed from the list in order to ensure we have the basic essentials needed to provide exceptional care to all of our patients.

Designating a gift to the GBGH Foundation’s IMPACT FUND provides the hospital with the flexibility to respond to the unpredictable changes in annual priorities. The pandemic has highlighted how extremely important it is to be nimble and responsive to ongoing equipment demands.

You can be sure your gift to the IMPACT FUND will be used to purchase essential equipment, enlarge our hospital’s footprint and update technology.

Over the past couple years, our IMPACT FUND supporters helped to purchase:

10 Telemetry Packs
Monitor higher risk patients on the inpatient units

2 Tonopens
Test intraocular pressure for patients in the ED

2 Ultrasound Units
Better quality images for diagnosis & assessment

ICU Surge Area

COVID19 Response
Pandemic equipment & infrastructure investment