Best Care Leadership Circle

The Best Care Leadership Circle program recognizes individuals whose cumulative gifts to the Foundation have reached any of the three giving levels below.

Thank you for your continued support!


Ralph and Kathy Befort
Robert Cudney
Alan and Alison Fryer
Jean A. Gallagher
Donna & Conrad Huber
Alex, David and Sharon Jarlette
Family and Friends of Gail La Chapelle
Peter Lyons and Cheryl Karges
Marco Mancini
Beverley McPetrie
Frank and Helen Morneau
Joseph Rooney
Reinhart and Alexandra Weber
Myron J. Wolfe



Andre and Shirley Desroches
Dwayne and Tanya Frans
Douglas Lamon
William Ferguson and Dr. Lynda Mickleborough
David and Michelle Mink
Brenda Moss
Peter and Lynda Wolfhard



Brock Barker
Catharine Bayles and Rolf Springer
Milan Bayt
Robert and Sheila Burk
John Cathers & Delia McLeod
Neal and Kathryn Foot
Dr. John and Judith Grant
Ann Koppel
Walter and Ursula Kunst
A Benson Lorriman
David (Don) MacRae
Jane and Ray Millar
Jeanne & John McIsaac
Rod and Sterling Monster
Bruce and Lorna Robertson
Phil DeBruyne and Susan Robillard
David Sealy
Carol Szarga


White rose

In Memory of our Leadership Donors
William Ballard, James Parker and Geoffrey Moses