Equipment Needs

Equipment Needs

Equipment saves lives. YOU make it possible.

If a child arrives in our Emerge and they can’t breathe, we need to be prepared.

If a father comes in with chest pains, we must have the right equipment to diagnose and care for him, when every second counts.

And if you or a loved come to Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) in need of care, we must have the latest technology to find the answers you need.

Having the right equipment isn’t a nice to have, it’s a MUST have. Rapid advancements in medical technologies mean better tools are available today that enable our care teams to make much better diagnoses and perform precise, less invasive procedures that significantly improve patient outcomes.

But given that North Simcoe’s population has soared over the past five years, our hospital is beyond challenged to keep up with the rapidly growing needs of our region. And we urgently need your help to ensure that we can provide exceptional care, right here at home.

Right now, GBGH is caring for more patients than ever, and they are sicker, with more complex health care needs, than ever before. Our staff is doing everything we can, but the rapid population growth in our area has resulted in longer wait times for patients and our staff often has to borrow and share equipment between departments to meet the most urgent needs.

Government funding is not enough. We need you to help to transform care today.

To meet our ongoing yearly capital equipment and other priority needs, we’ve created the IMPACT FUND. By supporting this crucial fund, you can help enhance patient care, adopt new technologies and ensure your hospital’s most pressing needs are meet.

This year alone we must raise more than $2-million for this fund – a goal that can only be met with the continued support of our dedicated community. A community that has always stood by us and empowered our hospital to deliver exceptional care.

Your donation today will help ensure that GBGH has latest the technologies and equipment needed to provide leading edge care for every patient who needs us.

YOU make our exceptional care possible. And we need YOU today.

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