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A gift from the heart…

An older grey haired woman wearing a black winter coat and a grey haired man in a plaid shirt and black coat.

For more than 30 years, Bill and Arlene Schumacher have called Sand Castle Beach in Tiny Township their summer home. Their love for the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay fueled their desire to escape from their hometown of Waterloo each summer, and with each passing year, their family became more rooted in their warm weather community.

Although they rarely had the occasion to use it, there was always a sense of ease knowing that Georgian Bay General Hospital was part of the community where they spent their summers.

“We need our summer hospital,” says Bill. “If anything were to happen at the cottage, it is so important that we can get to a reliable Emergency Department fast.”

In December 2018, Bill and Arlene felt it was time to support their summer hospital with a financial gift and made a gift of $50,000 to fund the purchase of critical equipment and infrastructure at GBGH.

“We know the government doesn’t fund equipment for hospitals,” Bill shares. “This is our Christmas gift for GBGH.”

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