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A loving tribute for the holidays

An older white haired women in a black coat and white sweater beside an older grey haired man in a black leather jacket and plaid shirt

For more than 30 years, Bill and Arlene Schumacher called Sand Castle Beach in Tiny Township their summer home. When Arlene passed away suddenly in October 2020 – just a few months shy of their 60th wedding anniversary – Bill continued to support the causes they both cared deeply about.

In 2021, Bill donated $14,000 in memory of the love of his life. Bill chose the number fourteen for his gift, as January 14th was the day of Bill & Arlene’s wedding anniversary, and their son Bradley’s birthday on February 14th (Valentine’s Day).

This year, Bill has made another gift of $14,000 to honour Arlene’s memory, celebrating their beautiful love story and investing in healthcare for his entire cottage community.



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