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A Transformational Gift: One Year Later

Eight people stand outside in winter wearing masks. They hold posters that together say Marco Mancini Family Foundation $5,000

On January 19, 2021, the Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation announced a $5-million gift from The Mancini Foundation, to support the implementation of the CARE4 Electronic Patient Record System, the restoration of patient rooms on 2E & 2N and the re-building of the coffee bar in the hospital lobby.


As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Mancini Foundation’s transformational gift announcement, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the impact his generosity is having on our community hospital.

Throughout the past year, GBGH, along with three partner hospitals (Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre and Headwaters Health Care Centre), has worked together on one of the largest projects in our collective history: CARE4 and the launch of MEDITECH Expanse. Designed to improve the safety and quality of patient care across all four organizations, the investment in time, human resources and technology has been extensive – and worth every effort as the system transforms care for patients across the region.

Thanks to The Mancini Foundation, and other generous donors in the community, the GBGH Foundation was able to invest $2-million toward the software upgrade, and purchase of vital supporting technology; which includes portable workstations, cordless scanners, tablets, label & barcode printers, dictation microphones, and a Single Sign On system that replicates each team member’s digital desktop across any computer with the tap of their badge.

“One of the best things about Meditech Expanse is that dictation is lighting fast and accurate,” shares a GBGH physician. “Not having to search for charts anymore is an added bonus.”

The renovation of patient rooms on 2E & 2N will also have an incredible impact on the patient experience at GBGH. Research has found that a more attractive hospital environment results in better recovery outcomes and lower anxiety for patients as they feel more comfortable in their surroundings.  The investment from The Mancini Foundation supplemented the funds previously donated by 29 individuals, families and organizations for the Foundation’s Adopt a Room project. Over time, these funds are facilitating a complete renovation of 48 patient rooms, giving all patients a more serene environment designed to promote healing and recovery.

In December 2021, the hospital issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the room renovations.  The contract has been awarded, and Senior Leaders are working with the team on final plans so that construction can begin when visitation restrictions have lifted and the COVID-19 pandemic has finally eased its grip on our healthcare system.

“We are excited to move forward with the room renovations in order to give our patients a more calm, modern and well-equipped environment for healing and recovery,” says Gail Hunt, President & CEO, GBGH.  “Mr. Mancini truly cares for our patients and their well-being, and we are deeply grateful that he has chosen to make this project possible at GBGH.”

A rendering of the Captains cafe that is to be built near the entrance GBGH

Since the hospital opened in 1976, the coffee bar in the main lobby has been a welcoming meeting place.  Funds raised through the volunteer-run service have supported ongoing staff education and the purchase of vital equipment through the GBGH Foundation. The Coffee Bar has been out of service since early 2020 due to much-needed repairs, and will be completely rebuilt.

The construction of the café in the hospital lobby is going to be possible this year, thanks to The Mancini Foundation.  Plans have been approved for the space, and will incorporate Barista-style beverages, coffee & tea, grab-and-go food items and daily soups. The hospital hopes to have this project completed before summer 2022.

“Marco Mancini’s investment in the Café is an exceptional gift as it provides a future revenue stream for our hospital,” shares Nicole Kraftscik, Executive Director, GBGH Foundation. “Plus, it brings life and energy back to the centre of the hospital; a place where staff, patients and their families can get refreshments or enjoy a break together. Marco is truly lifting up the entire hospital family with this gift.”

Although visitor restrictions, supply shortages and mandatory lockdowns through the COVID-19 pandemic have delayed these renovation projects, The Mancini Foundation’s generosity is already having a great impact.

“Marco has made a remarkable commitment to the hospital and to his community, and we are honoured to work with him to complete such impactful projects for GBGH,” says Nicole. “We are so fortunate that Marco is open and willing to share part of his family legacy with our community.  I hold him, and all our donors, in such high regard.”


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