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Woman in a MRI machine


The Province of Ontario has committed to providing operational funding for an MRI machine at Georgian Bay General Hospital.

The North Simcoe community will need to raise $3 million dollars to purchase an MRI machine and a further $1 million for renovation and installation costs, advises Nicole Kraftscik, CEO of the Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation. She said “We know that we can do it. We just need the community to come along side us.”

By investing in MRI technology, our hospital will be able to provide this vital diagnostic test for thousands of patients in our community every year. Currently, just shy of 4,000 patients are travelling a minimum of 40 kilometers each way to Barrie or Orillia and sometimes further, to get an MRI. The average wait time for a non-urgent MRI in Ontario is 73 days. In North Simcoe the average is 96 days. 

To learn more about the urgent need for an MRI at Georgian Bay General Hospital, please click here

The arrival of an MRI at our hospital will help bring access to care closer to home for thousands of people every year, locally reduce wait times (in our community and at neighbouring hospitals), and ensure our hospital has the latest technology to improve and save lives.

To help kick start the MRI project for our community, Bayport Masonic Lodge, a contributing part of this community since 1883, and its members have pledged to match donations to the GBGH Foundation up to a total of $50,000.

Please consider joining them in making this important investment in our local hospital.

Collectively, your gifts will get us closer to bringing an MRI to GBGH, and ensuring that our hospital is a centre of imaging excellence.  

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