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Bill & Suzanne Richardson invest in imaging

Two women and 2 men hold up a giant cheque made out to GBGH MRI Fund for $100,000 from Bill and Suzanne Richardson

The Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation is thrilled to announce a $100,000 gift from Bill & Suzanne Richardson to support the purchase of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine for the Midland hospital.   

In December 2022, GBGH announced that the Ontario government would be providing annual operational funding for an MRI in Midland, in order to alleviate wait times across the region and provide equitable access to this service for local residents. Shortly after, Bill & Suzanne approached the GBGH Foundation about making a gift to support this important and impactful project.  

“We don’t know when we, or our friends and family, will need the hospital, but we want to make sure it’s here today and in the future,” share Bill & Suzanne. “It’s inspiring to see our hospital growing, and advocating for the best health care services for our community. We want to do our part to support this growth and help bring the best imaging technology to Midland.” 

Bill & Suzanne have been loyal donors of the GBGH Foundation for 16 years, generously supporting the hospital through events and sponsorships. This gift is a testament to their continued connection to the organization, and to Bill & Suzanne’s commitment to having an impact in their home community.  

“Bill & Suzanne’s investment in the MRI for GBGH demonstrates the importance of local health care,” says Nicole Kraftscik, executive director, GBGH Foundation. “We all rely on GBGH for care, and this gift is going to have a significant impact for our community.  We are so grateful to Bill & Suzanne for helping to kick start our campaign to bring an MRI to our hospital.” 

GBGH will be offering MRI service to residents as soon as it is able to complete construction and commissioning of the new machine.  The cost for this project is approximately $4-million and must be raised through the GBGH Foundation.  Anyone wishing to join Bill & Suzanne in supporting this campaign can contact the Foundation office, 705-526-GIVE (4483).

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