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Cedar Ridge BBQ

Date: July 27, 2024
Time: 3PM-5PM

Welcoming donations to the Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation in support of bringing an MRI machine to GBGH! 

GBGH is currently the largest acute hospital in the province without an MRI machine. In the last year, the Foundation has raised over $2.4-million of the $4-million goal to purchase and install the machine. Construction for the MRI suite will begin this June, with plans to have the first patient scanned at GBGH in early 2025.

Bringing an MRI machine to GBGH will not only reduce the wait times for local patients, but will reduce wait times across the region, and ensure our community has access to get the answers they need. To learn more click here.

Your gift will help make GBGH a centre of imaging excellence! Thank you!

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