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Conrad & Donna Huber match Kickstart Your Heart donations* to GBGH Foundation

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For the first two weeks of February, the Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation is raising funds for defibrillators and crash carts, inspired by a $50,000 match gift from Conrad and Donna Huber.  This year’s ‘Kickstart Your Heart’ campaign will aim to raise $175,000 to purchase six crash carts, equipped with life-saving defibrillators.

In 2021, the inaugural Kickstart Your Heart campaign raised nearly $75,000 thanks to a $20,000 gift from the Hubers, $25,000 pledge from Balm Beach House of Glass, 60 individual donors and six local businesses who committed a portion of Valentine’s Day sales or items to the campaign.

In total, Georgian Bay General Hospital requires 11 new crash carts and defibrillators, to replace aging and outdated equipment and technology.

Searching for an IV, suction catheter, defibrillator pads, airway equipment, or even gauze, really makes an already stressful environment even more stressful,” says Tyler Pilon, critical care nurse, GBGH.  “These precious minutes truly make a difference. Through the years, I have seen many life-saving stories and knowing that you can trust the equipment to function the way it was intended, and have everything readily available, truly makes the job easier.

To ensure GBGH is equipped with the appropriate life-saving tools, Bell Media’s Pure Country 106 and Bounce 104.1 are putting their voices to the airwaves in the coming weeks.

Bell Media is supporting the Kickstart Your Heart campaign because we understand how important it is for communities to work at their best potential,” shares Meg Whitton, morning show host on Bounce 104.1. “We want hospital staff to have the very best equipment and we want to show our hospital staff that we are willing to provide that for them.

To see the full interview with Meg Whitton and co-host, Brian Wicks, please click here.

The generous match gift of $50,000 is a testament to the Huber’s love for each other and their community.  They share a great love story, so a campaign to celebrate love, hearts and community was the ideal way to encourage others to join them in supporting GBGH.

We enjoy being together and doing things together,” share the Hubers. “We have been so fortunate in life and it makes us both happy to be able to give back to our community.  It is our gift to each other.

Those interested in having their gift doubled can make a donation by clicking here.  Individuals can also get involved by joining the conversation on Facebook and Instagram and sharing posts on social media.


*Donations will be matched up to a total of $50,000.

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