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The Foundation Cornerstone Partners are a group of loyal supporters, who collectively make a meaningful impact on the healthcare provided at Georgian Bay General Hospital through an annual financial gift.

Our members receive an annual update on the impact the Cornerstone Partners Fund has on our community hospital, and are recognized on an exclusive plaque on the donor wall in the lobby of the hospital.

How it works:


Join the Cornerstone Partners by committing to a minimum annual donation of $500.


Your donation is invested in the Cornerstone Partners Fund, alongside the gifts of the other members.


Each year, the Fund is used to purchase the most critical equipment and technology priorities at GBGH.

Will you join us?

Cornerstone Partners Ambassadors, Ted & Laurel Chivers, would be pleased to speak with you about how you can join this wonderful group and have a significant impact on patient care at GBGH.

They can be reached through Nicole Kraftscik, Chief Executive Officer at the GBGH Foundation.

Ready to join? To donate online click here, or for other ways to make your donation please call Nicole Kraftscik at: 705-526-1300 ext. 5340

“The strategy of the Foundation Cornerstone Partners is simple. If two to three hundred key supporters pool their yearly donations, they can contribute half million annually, giving our hospital the ability to plan ahead to make improvements to patient care, while allowing our Foundation to focus on other fundraising initiatives.”

– Bob Burk, Cornerstone Partners Founder

Thank You to our Foundation Cornerstone Partners!


Bob & Sheila Burk
Gord Fraser & Ron Chalmers
Bill & Nancy Hunter


In Memory of Edward Szarga, Eva & Eric Simpson
Dave, Michelle & A.J. Mink

John & Susan Maynard
Michael & Sarah Thor
Nancy & Bill Martin
Neal & Kathryn Foot
Peter & Kathryn Slykerman
Peter & Lynda Wolfhard
Ted & Laurel Chivers 


Barber & Haskill Endowment Fund, Huronia Community Foundation
Brent & Yvonne Howell
Bruce & Dilys Chamney
Chris & Joan Tulley
Chris Edwards & Christine Baguley
Dave & Barb Turner
Dave, Michelle & A.J. Mink
Deborah Bazinet
Edward & Margaret Ney
Factory Recreation
Garry & Catherine Travers
Gordon & Cathy McKay
Gregory Rice 
Hudson Leavens
Jane & Ray Millar
Jeffrey Orr & Suzanne Legge
Jim McCreary & Deb Cross
John Cathers & Delia McLeod
Midland Toyota Inc. 
Phil DeBruyne & Susan Robillard
Rod & Fran Ferguson

Terry & Anita Fegarty 


Alan & Patricia Lewis
Barry & Judy Goode
Bonnie McDonald
Dennis & Joan Jackson
Doug & Valerie Swann
Eleanor Allgood
Huronia Animal Hospital
Ian & Lori Williams
In Memory of John Rogers Sloan
John & Pat Buchan
Ken & Valerie Stief
Kevin & Ashley Haire and Family 
Kurt Benke
Lesperance Service & Towing 
Martine Celej
Michael & Jane Connolly
Paul & Marjolyn Van Der Wel
Philip & Vivian Wright
Rick & Gill Russell
Robert Paradis
Shirley Craig
Shirley Funk
Stephen & Riina Makk
Terry & Anna Cheaney
The Bradstreet Family Foundation
Thomas & Deborah Jones
Tim & Shelley Lesperance   


Anne & William Mills
Bernie & Georgette Mailloux
Brian Atkinson 
Craig, Eve, Chloe, and Tyler Stewart
David & Gesina Henderson
David & Monica Hobson
Diane Ouimet-Schryver
Gail Chapman
Gail Stone
George & Eleanor Jones
Howard & Joan Robinson
John & Ruth Gammell
Ken & Brenda Hicks
Kenneth Mills
Kevin Tigwell & Sylvia Westcott-Tigwell
Lydia Ehmcke
Maurice & Enid Corbett
Mike Opzoomer & Michelle Villeneuve
Patricia Shacklady
Patrick & Rosemary Kearns
Rod & Muriel McVeigh
Sara Lankshear
Sue Cook 
Valerie March & Stan Wolofsky
Verna Gignac 

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