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Crash Cart & Defibrillator from Balm Beach House of Glass

Amand and a women hold a giant cheque for $25,000 for the GBGH Kickstart Your Heart from Balm Beach House of Glass

The Kickstart Your Heart campaign is inspiring local businesses, individuals and groups to rally together in support of Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH).  The goal is to raise funds to purchase two defibrillators & crash carts for the hospital, to ensure that the teams are equipped to provide life-saving care in an emergency.

When Aaron Kontkanen & Glen Holmes of Balm Beach House of Glass heard about the campaign on their favourite radio station (Bounce 104.1), they knew they wanted to help.  They made a pledge to purchase a crash cart equipped with a life-saving defibrillator, for a total of $25,000!

Since 2016, Balm Beach House of Glass has donated more than $41,000 to the GBGH Foundation, providing essential equipment and technology to ensure exceptional health care for the entire community.


To support the Kickstart Your Heart campaign this year, click here.

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