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Our patients need a safe serene
space for healing and recovery.

If you have been a patient or visited one at Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH), you will know that the inpatient rooms on 2E & 2N haven’t seen much of an upgrade since they were built in 1976!

Since 2019, GBGH has been working on a plan to renovate the patient rooms to provide a more serene environment designed to promote healing and recovery. Two rooms were renovated in 2019 (image right), but further progress was unattainable.

It has proven to be one of the most challenging projects as our hospital is nearly always at capacity, making it nearly impossible to close rooms to renovate them. 

The GBGH Foundation has been working with the community for many years to help fund the upgrades for these rooms, and more than 25 donors have invested in this project. 

In 2020, the Mancini Foundation made an additional investment of $1-million to propel the project forward.  

The Timeline

In 2023, following the COVID-19 pandemic, GBGH took the first steps to move the project along, including the development of official plans, colour schemes, finishes and a schedule for the first phase of room renovations.

In July 2023, the first phase began with the renovation of 4 semi-private rooms on the hospital’s 2E inpatient unit. Although there is no good time to close beds, this is an important priority for the hospital to bring our inpatient rooms up to today’s standards and ensure our donors are having the impact they have generously supported. The estimated timeline for completion of the initial 4 beds is 7-8 weeks.

The first phase of the project will include a total of 18 beds (12 rooms: 2 ward, 2 private, 8 semi-private) and is expected to be completed in early 2024.

New Rooms

Ward Room: Green Colour Scheme

Semi-Private Room: Blue Colour Scheme

The new rooms will reflect the beauty of trees, rocks and water surrounding us on Georgian Bay. Ward rooms will be completed with a green accents; private and semi-private rooms with blue accents.

Each room renovation will include: 

  • New millwork, flooring, drywall and lighting
  • Fibre reinforced panel on the headwall
  • Upgraded hand hygiene station
  • Refreshed paint, fixtures and hardware
  • New ACT tile ceiling
  • Upgraded plumbing, with new toilet and sink

Thank You

We are so grateful for the donors whose generosity has pushed this project forward and prioritized our patient rooms for renovation.

Your desire to have updated, modern facilities for every patient is what makes this project so powerful.  Together, we are recognizing the individual needs of our patients and working to provide them with a space for them to receive excellent, personalized health care. 

We have such deep appreciation for everyone’s patience as we have dealt with so many challenges throughout this project.  It is exciting to see this finally get underway, and we are committed to continuing to provide updates as they come. 

Thank you. Merci. Miigwech.

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