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Cardiac Monitors

A medical screen with lines and numbers on it

Cardiac Monitors • Total Project Cost: $1,600,000

What It Does: A cardiac machine monitors heart rate, blood pressure, amount of oxygen saturation, temperature and other key vitals. And while an ECG machine can take a “snapshot” of these vitals, a cardiac monitor provides a continuous “video” of the patient’s heart, at all times. This real time data is relayed to the Central Monitoring System at the nurse’s station and if the patient’s condition changes, an alert will immediately be sent to the care team. All data collected is seamlessly integrated into Meditech so that all team members have immediate access to the patient’s critical information.

Why We Need It: In 2021-2022 GBGH purchased 11 new cardiac machines, and this year we will purchase 10 more to finish updating our fleet with the most advanced technology. These machines needed to be upgraded because the software for this technology has greatly advanced and this new state-of-the-art equipment will allow us to deliver care more accurately, promptly and efficiently.

“There’s a saying when caring for cardiac patients that, ‘time is muscle’. The longer a patient has a heart attack for, the more muscle damage there is. That’s why it’s so important to identify a heart attack as soon as it’s happening and why these new cardiac machines are critical to ensuring the very best patient care. It’s really amazing how much they can do.”


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