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Doctor’s Day 2019

Three men sit at a wooden table with empty plates in front of them.

National Doctors’ Day (May 1, 2019) is a day celebrated to recognize the contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities. It can be easy to forget the sacrifices that doctors regularly make on behalf of their patients. Whether it is forfeited time with loved ones, long work hours or the burden of the many life-and-death decisions they face; it is important to recognize and celebrate the human elements of the profession.

This year for Doctors’ Day, we treated our community’s physicians with a special breakfast in their honour.  Hospital and family physicians joined us for a morning of delicious food, laughs and good conversation.

A special thank you to Team Hawke Realty Real Estate Services for their partnership in putting on this event, and joining us for the morning.

Doctor's Day Collage

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