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Four colleagues share $17,288 jackpot

Vanessa, Pam, Tammy and Wendy pose with a cheque for $17,288 for winning the July 2023 50/50 Draw

There was only one name on the winning ticket, but the July jackpot in the GBGH 50/50 Lottery is being shared among four colleagues from Home Depot.

Vanessa, Pam, Tammy and Wendy, who work together at the store on Highway 12 in Midland, opted to buy tickets for the GBGH 50/50 Lottery because of better odds of winning than other lotteries, and the opportunity to support their local hospital. Their choice paid off, and the foursome won the $17,288 July jackpot.

Vacations, back-to-school items for the kids, and roof repairs are among the plans for their windfall.

Tickets for the August jackpot can be purchased at

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