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FreshFlex™ Impact

Freshflex™ is an innovative menu system, built on the belief that fresh, flavourful, nutritious meals are an important part of everyone’s healthcare journey.

Within the program, patients choose from a 7-day menu that includes choices for starters, entrees and desserts, with more than 70 restaurant-quality dishes to explore.  The menu changes with the seasons, using locally-sourced ingredients where possible, and refined based on food trends, insights and patient feedback.

In May 2022, the food services team at GBGH began transforming their work spaces and processes to implement this amazing program. 

Because of you, our hospital was able to invest in specialized ovens, a blast chiller, new production line and dishes!  These key elements are making this transformation possible, and allowing us to provide better meals to our patients.

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New equipment​

The key to the program is the equipment!  The Freshflex™ system includes two specialized ovens, which have the ability to steam, roast, bake and cook.


Fresh, local ingredients are brought in and prepared (peeled, cut, portioned) by the Food Services Team.

Chef-Inspired Recipes

Prepared ingredients are used in chef-inspired recipes, and cooked one day prior to serving (flash frozen in a new blast chiller, then heated to serve).


Meals are plated on real (unbreakable) dishes, with restaurant-quality presentation.

Having more variety & visually appealing meals can improve intake in hospital!  This is vital as an estimated 45% of patients admitted to hospital are malnourished, which results in a longer stay and more difficult recovery.  
Better intake = better nutrition = better healing!

Our patients thank you!

“Quality was good and my food was always hot.”

“Very enjoyable and tasty.”


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