Freshflex™ is an innovative menu system, built on the belief that fresh, flavourful, nutritious meals are an important part of everyone’s healthcare journey.

Within the program, patients choose from a 7-21 day menu that includes choices for starters, entrees and desserts, with more than 100 restaurant quality dishes to explore.  The menu changes with the seasons, using locally-sourced ingredients where possible, and refined based on food trends, insights and patient feedback.

The key to the program is the equipment needed to safely and efficiently cook, store and deliver meals to patients at the hospital.  The Freshflex system includes two specialized ovens, which have the ability to steam, roast, bake and cook.  Fresh, local ingredients are brought in, cooked in the ovens, plated on real (unbreakable) dishes, and then flash frozen in a blast chiller for serving the following day.

The total cost of the project is $160,000.

Rational iCombi Oven: $30,000 x 2 = $70,000
Blast Chiller / Freezer: $80,000
Dishes & Menus: $10,000


We are excited to partner with Fresh 93.1 to shine the light on this important project and help us bring this delicious, fresh food menu to the patients at Georgian Bay General Hospital.


By delivering meals on real dishes, with restaurant-quality presentation, and offering our patients choice about what they eat, we are confident that patients will eat more, and more often, improving their nutritional status and helping them on their road to recovery.

Isn’t that what we all want for our friends, neighbours and loved ones who need care at GBGH?