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GBGH COVID-19 Response

ICU Surge Area

GBGH has already taken many steps to prepare for the growing pandemic, including establishing the COVID-19 Midland Assessment Centre in partnership with Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care and Chigamik Community Health Centre. We have also cancelled non-urgent procedures, implemented visitor restrictions, and are finalizing thorough plans to re-deploy staff and other resources to critical areas as needed.

In planning for our hospital’s pandemic preparations, we carefully review provincial and regional case projections to determine what we need to continue providing safe, exceptional care in a surge situation.

GBGH’s current capacity includes 6 ICU beds and 4 ventilators.  We are in the process of increasing our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) capacity. We will care for potential COVID patients in our existing ICU and create a separate ICU surge space for non-COVID patients. This means equipping this area with:

  • 5 additional beds
  • 20 additional IV pumps
  • 5 additional patient monitors
  • 2 Pyxis machines (locked medication dispensing carts)
  • 1 mobile medication cart
  • A call bell system (system that links patients to the nursing station)

We are also purchasing an additional mobile medication cart, 30 vital sign monitors to be used in the areas where they are needed most, more personal protective equipment (PPE), and taking measures to support staff wellness.

This critically needed equipment and other initiatives will cost well over one million dollars.

To help support your hospital’s investments to prepare for COVID-19, please click here.

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