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GBGH Foundation purchases land to secure future development space for hospital

Land Purchase - Nicole, Susan, Phil and Kathy

The Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation has purchased 22 acres of vacant land beside the hospital’s highway 93 location in Midland. The purchase was made by the Foundation in December 2019 after being notified of the opportunity in the fall of 2019. Acquiring this land enables the hospital to grow to meet future demands for health care services.

“Both the Hospital and Foundation Boards of Directors realized their responsibility in securing this property for the future stability of GBGH,” says David Turner, president, GBGH Foundation Board of Directors. “By making this purchase, the Foundation is investing in the future of the hospital, ensuring there is sufficient space when there is a need to expand.”

The Foundation was able to purchase the property in part due to the generosity of the late Gil Robillard and his family.

“We are extremely grateful to the Robillard family whose kindness is enabling the Foundation to invest in the future of healthcare for our community,” says Nicole Kraftscik, executive director, GBGH Foundation. “At this time, there are no plans for construction on the property, but given the age and size of our existing building, we know there will eventually be a need to redevelop and expand on a single hospital site.”

“My dad was a visionary with great foresight,” says Susan Robillard, daughter of Gil Robillard. “He liked planning for the future, and the purchase of land to ensure future stability does just that.  We are glad the Foundation could use the Gil Robillard Fund to help ensure the future of healthcare for our community.”

Preliminary results from the GBGH’s master planning process indicates the size of the hospital will need to dramatically increase in the next 20 to 30 years. The existing hospital was built in 1976 and there is no existing vacant space in which to expand services. Through the Foundation making this investment in GBGH, it provides the hospital with significant growth potential – either to expand the existing building or construct a new building in the future.

The location and size of this land has many benefits when planning for future development. There is sufficient space to allow for a completely new build, which can be significantly less costly and more efficient than renovating an old, existing building.  Additionally, the hospital and the Foundation will not have to search for and purchase another suitable location elsewhere in North Simcoe. GBGH will be able to maintain this centrally-located, convenient and accessible site for decades to follow.

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