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GBGH Staff donate $8,209!

Eight individual pictures of seven woman and a man all holding up signs.

Each member of the GBGH Staff Giving Circle has their own reasons for giving, and their annual donations give the GBGH Foundation a reason to celebrate!

“I give because my family and I use the hospital, and it feels good to give back,” says Dawn Charbonneau, Giving Circle member since 2017.

In 2018, the 35 members of the GBGH Staff Giving Circle donated $8,209 to help purchase critically needed equipment for GBGH. Their collective gifts are an integral part of the fundraising efforts of the GBGH Foundation.

“Not only do the staff work hard to provide exceptional care, but they are also helping to fund the equipment and technology that is critical for hospital patients,” says Nicole Kraftscik, Executive Director for the GBGH Foundation. “We are so grateful for their ongoing commitment to Georgian Bay General Hospital!”

Members of the program make their donations through payroll deduction, in amounts ranging from $2 to $100 every two weeks. Each year, the funds collected help to purchase a critical piece of equipment for the hospital.

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