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German Canadian Club invests in imaging at GBGH

Six women and two men with the German Canadian Club Midland 1970 on a large carpet. Some are holding a giant cheque for $57,487.43 to GBGH MRI Fund.

The Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation is honoured to be part of the local Gemuetlichkeit 70 German Canadian Club’s legacy. On Thursday, February 9, 2023, members of the club visited GBGH to present a gift of more than $57,000 to representatives from the hospital and the Foundation.

The German Canadian Club membership voted to dissolve the club in November 2022, and have sold their property on Triple Bay Road. The members have chosen to continue their legacy of community support by sharing the proceeds from the sale with eight local charities, including the GBGH Foundation.

“It was unanimous that the donations would go to local charities to support our community,” shares Helmut Paddags, German Canadian Club president. “We selected GBGH because we have all used the hospital, and know we will need it again. Having a strong hospital is something we all need to invest in.”

The funds have been designated by the membership to support the purchase of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine for the hospital, which will reduce wait times across the region, and ensure equitable access to this important service for local residents.

“This investment from the German Canadian Club helps our hospital dramatically,” shares Matt Lawson, president & CEO, GBGH. “While the government has approved funding for the operational costs of the MRI, all costs to purchase the MRI and renovate the space are entirely the responsibility of the community through the Foundation. Gifts like this are going to mean we get the services here sooner, and we are very grateful to the club and its members for investing in our hospital.”

The German Canadian Club was very active through their 52-year history, and often made donations to support local charities through their initiatives. This gift brings their total investment at GBGH to nearly $64,000.

“Our community is so fortunate to have many passionate and supportive service organizations, and the German Canadian Club is an incredible example,” says Nicole Kraftscik, executive director, GBGH Foundation. “Although the organization is formally dissolved, their mission to build community will live on through these generous gifts. We are truly honoured to be part of that legacy.”

GBGH will be offering MRI service to residents as soon as it is able to complete construction and commissioning of the new machine. The cost for this project is approximately $4-million and anyone wishing to support this campaign can contact the Foundation office, 705-526-GIVE (4483) or click here.

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