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Business Cares

Business Cares – Complete Body Transformation Gym

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Heather Burbidge-Smith from Complete Body Transformation (CBT) Gym has donated 10 Fitness Plans, valued at $100 each, to support staff at Georgian Bay General Hospital.  Each plan includes home workouts and meal plans for 12 weeks.

Plus, to encourage our community to stay healthy during these uncertain times, Heather is offering a special discounted price of $100 for 12 weeks for meal and workout plans that will be sent bi- weekly to your email.  Because of COVID-19 and the closure of fitness centres, workout plans will be designed with this in mind.  As long as you have a couple of dumbbells you will be able to successfully complete the program.  With this unfortunate pandemic, it is beyond essential to follow a healthy meal and fitness plan to keep our immune systems strong and healthy more so now than ever.

Complete Body Transformation fitness centre, located at the top of King Street in Midland proudly boasts almost 6000 square feet of workout space including a fully equipped cardio / class area.  Coming up on the gyms third year anniversary, the CBT gym and its amazing coaching staff are passionate about helping members reach their health and fitness goals.

Heather, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Personal trainer creates custom nutrition plans as well as workout plans tailored to each person unique needs.  The CBT gym has created a camaraderie with its members like no other facility.  Everyone works very closely together while life long friendships are made and extremely successful transformations happen.


To learn more about CBT, click here.

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