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Business Cares

Business Cares – Roberta Courtemanche, Sunlife Financial

Smiling Blonde woman wearing a blue blazer. the Sun Life Financial logo is below

I am a self employed, local business woman who wants to help the community in any way that I can. I truly believe in shopping and supporting our beautiful local community. This community supports my business so how can I not return the favour! I love the Business Cares program because it allows me to customize my donations to the scale of my business. By tying my giving to my new group benefits plans as well as my group benefits plan renewals, I am able to give when I receive income at various times during the calendar year. This way it is affordable to me, my family and my business. Just like many things in life, it is easier to manage multiple smaller donations throughout the year, than one large sum. I would encourage any local business to speak with our GBGH Foundation about this program and the many other wonderful giving opportunities that are available each year.”

To support her local hospital, Roberta is donating a portion of her commission from the sale of Group Benefit Plans to GBGH.

To contact Roberta, please click here or visit her Facebook page.




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