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Business Cares

Business Cares – William Myles Real Estate

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William Myles Real Estate is giving back to those who work so hard to keep us safe.

On Thursday, April 9th, William Myles Real Estate with Georgian Bay Live is proud to serve local Belle Roots lunches to all the amazing and devoted staff at the hospital. We know it’s hard for the staff to leave the hospital, get groceries, and plan their lunches as they are completely devoted to keeping us safe and healthy. We wanted to thank them for all their hard work for us. Bon appétit!

We #stayhome for you while you keep us all safe. We appreciate each and every one of you!

Our team at William Myles Real Estate puts our communities of Tiny, Tay, Midland and Penetanguishene and its people first. For that reason, we are deeply connected with our local hospital, the heart of our community. It’s where life begins, where we are treated with care when we’re hurt, where we connect with those in need. William started his real estate career after a dramatic car accident in 2014 after being treated at the ER at GBGH and therefore feels deeply connected to its amazing staff. It’s only fitting that he focuses on giving back.

We are happy to contribute in many different ways through charitable giving, community engagement and donation campaigns. We’re happy to offer community-focused social platforms Georgian Bay Live to connect them in a positive way the people and places of Georgian Bay (@georgianbaylive on Facebook and Instagram &


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