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Drop the Ball – Helicopter Drop Raffle

Drop the Ball Raffle information

Initiated by The Family & Friends of Gail La Chapelle, the Drop the Ball raffle involves dropping 16,000 golf balls from a helicopter hovering at 150 feet above the Midland Golf & Country Club, hole #1 on August 4th, 2019.Drop the Ball raffle poster with logos of GNGH, Factory recreation, scotiabank, Elmvale Home Building centre and Bourgeois motors logos

The purchase price is one ball for $20 or three for $50. Each golf ball will be numbered to coincide with the number allocated for each ticket sold. All prizes will be awarded to those lucky individuals whose golf ball lands in the hole or the ball that is closest to the pin identified by the nine coloured flags placed within the drop zone area. Each coloured flag represents a specific item.  Please review the prize list below.

NOTE: If more than one golf ball enters the hole of any of the coloured flags, those balls will be placed in a drum, where the winner will be determined by the first ball out. Those remaining in the drum will receive a complimentary prize. If in the event no balls enter the hole, the winner will be determined by a measurement to determine which ball is closest.

Funds raised from the raffle will be donated to Georgian Bay General Hospital (Charity #: 11896 5789 RR0001).   Tickets are available in the Foundation Office at Georgian Bay General Hospital (705-526-4483).

We encourage you to join us for the Ball Drop on August 4th, 2019 beginning at 1:00 pm to witness this once in a lifetime golf event. Food and refreshments and live music will be available to entertain all participants.  For further information, visit or contact Gerard La Chapelle (705-534-0712 |

Lottery License #: M806004


Tickets are available in the Foundation Office at Georgian Bay General Hospital.

Find us by calling 705-526-GIVE (4483) or email



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