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Heartfelt Thanks

The words Heartfelt Thanks. The 'a' in heart is a red heart.

Giving Back With a Thankful Heart

Our Heartfelt Thanks patient tribute program is a thoughtful way for patients and their families to say thank you to the many doctors, nurses, staff members and volunteers who provide our patients with excellent care.

By making a tax-deductible donation to our Heartfelt Thanks tribute program, you can show your appreciation, while helping to purchase urgently needed medical equipment and technology.

The team member you recognize will receive a beautiful “heart pin” to wear in recognition of your generosity and a thoughtful thank you certificate passing on your personal message of appreciation (if desired), letting them know that you have made a donation in their honour.

An older man and woman putting their fingers together to make a heart shape.
Dr. Amy Huang holding a Hearthfelt Thanks certificate in front of a nice painting of a rock cliff, white pines, and Georgian Bay
A man and a woman wearing masks. The man has his arm around the woman and holds a With Heartfelt Thanks Dr. Tahir certificate.
Ten men and woman wearing masks hold up a Heartfelt Thanks certificate for the Rehab Team
Six people wearing masks stand in front of a medical station. One woman is holding up a Heartfelt Thanks certificate.

If a team member made a difference in your life, please consider giving back by making a donation in their honour.

You can use the form below, or contact the Foundation office by email or by phone: 705-526-GIVE (4483).

“Nurse Karlie set the standard for above and beyond nursing care. We had some history in common and when I was quietly upset at one point, Karlie tuned right in, got me sharing a painful memory for which she was able to provide the perfect expletive and turn my mood around. Karlie always showed that she cared and when one is ill and scared that goes a long way. On top of which she was always quietly competent and professional.

– L.M., Grateful Patient

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