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Foundation News

Revitalization of the ICU

A man ans a women standing in a hallways with a piece of medical equipment on a rolling cart.

Tyler Pilon, Interim Manager, ICU and Respiratory Therapy and Dr. Shirley Babaran, Chief of Medicine with the new GlideScope Video Laryngoscope.


Thanks to a generous gift from the Weber Foundation, the ICU at Georgian Bay General Hospital is receiving three key pieces of equipment to enhance patient care.

Nurses and physicians in the ICU care for patients in critical condition, where time is of the essence. The care team needs efficient, high-quality tools to provide their patients with exceptional care.

Portable Ultrasound

The Sonosite portable ultrasound will enable physicians to treat patients faster, more accurately and in a non-invasive way at their bedside, without trips to the Imaging Department.

Cardiac Pacing Unit


A transvenous cardiac pacing unit provides temporary electrical cardiac stimulation to treat a patient’s heart arrhythmia, either until it resolves, or until long-term therapy can be initiated.

The GlideScope video laryngoscope (shown in photo above) enables quick intubation, giving physicians a clear, real-time view of the patient’s airway.

To learn more about the needs of your Georgian Bay General Hospital, and how you can help to enhance patient care, please contact the Foundation office: 705-526-GIVE (4483).

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