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Foundation News

April Water Ski Day

The ice breaking around a dock on Georgian Bay along with an inset image of a salt and pepper haired man in a ball cap wearing a grey shirt.

On Sunday, April 10th, 2022 at 1PM, Jeff Heron will boldly ski off the dock at Picnic Island, Honey Harbour to help raise funds and awareness for Georgian Bay General Hospital.

A bearded man in a black ball cap with sunglasses on the rim and wearing a grey t-shirt

“Sun’s out, more open water, temperatures are heating up, and I’ve got a new wetsuit,” shares Jeff. “My goal is to help our community understand how important our hospital is to each and every one of us.”

Anyone interested in watching his frigid adventure can gather at the dock at Picnic Island Resort (175 Picnic Island Rd, Honey Harbour) for 1PM. Donations to support his brave venture can be made by filling out the form below. Thank you Jeff Heron, Ryan Grimshaw & their team for taking the icy plunge to help provide funding for the Foundation’s Impact Fund, which helps to provide our teams at GBGH with the equipment and technology they need to care for patients in our community.

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