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Kickstart Your Heart

Kickstart Your Heart – Janice Stone Life Coach

dark haired women in black glasses with the words Janice Stone Life Coach

From February 1st to 14th, Janice Stone Life Coach will be donating a percentage of sales from the purchase of every LIFE PLAN PROGRAM to the GBGH Foundation!

If you have ever felt lost in the pressure of your to do list, or know that you want to live your life with purpose but lack clarity of what that looks like, this program is for you! The 4 online sessions, workbook, and group coaching will give you a step by step design that will help you lead your life and step into your best you.

As a wife, mom, stepmom, and now grandma, I am so grateful for our local hospital and the care it gives not only my family but also my community. The opportunity to combine the gift of what my business provides for me to support a hospital that cares so well for the people I love is a privilege.” ~ Janice Stone

Register online at to purchase the Life Plan Program!


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