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Kickstart Your Heart

Kickstart Your Heart – MegaMindful Living

A cup of cappuccino and a bright red frozen drink with the words Mega Mindful Living below

From February 1st to 14th 2023, MegaMindful Living will be donating 50% of the sales from all LOVE LATTE’s and BEET-UTIFUL SMOOTHIES to the GBGH Foundation’s Kickstart Your Heart Campaign!

I would like to thank all of the hospital staff in the Labor and Delivery dept for turning a very stressful unfortunate situation into a beautiful birthing experience. I had hoped for a home birth and when labour didn’t go as planned the entire department was prepared for me and went above and beyond my expectations. I left feeling empowered and equipped with everything I needed to take on my new role as a first time MOM!! Thank you so much GBGH Labour and Delivery!!!” ~ Megan Marchildon

Head over to MegaMindful located at 227-229 King St in Midland to enjoy a Love latte made with rose, lavender and chamomile, or the Beet-utiful Smoothie made of beets, strawberry, banana, apple, chia seeds, beetroot powder, and almond milk all while supporting the purchase of new ECG Machines and Cardiac Monitors for GBGH!

To learn more about MegaMindful, visit:


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