My Cottage, My Hospital
Craig and Cathie Bowden

My Cottage, My Hospital

Georgian Bay sunsets and rugged landscape are a big part of what makes your cottage so special.  We know, because we love Georgian Bay too.

Having a cottage in Southern Georgian Bay has some incredible benefits; vast fresh water, sandy beaches, fun tourist towns to explore and a great community hospital.

Emergency Department Physicians

At Georgian Bay General Hospital, we are here for you.

In our Emergency Department, we treat dozens of boating and cottage-related injuries every summer. As cottage season really kicks off, we expect to see sprains, broken bones, cuts/lacerations (sharp rocks, fish hooks, zebra mussels, boat propellers), insect bites and stings and the occasional rattlesnake bite.

Although we hope you don’t need the hospital’s services – we’re here if you do.

And, in case you’re wondering what to expect if you visit our Emergency Department, let us show you. We are proud of our brand new Emergency Department, which was built with more than $6.5-million in donations from our permanent and seasonal residents. Check it out!

BUT, there’s more to the story…

None of the equipment in our hospital is funded by the government. We rely on community donations for each and every piece of equipment and technology within the hospital walls. Although your medical care is funded by Ontario tax dollars, it is incomplete without the tools to diagnose and treat your emergencies.

Each year, more items are added to the list of equipment which needs replacing to maintain our modern care facility. Right now, your hospital needs stretchers, vital signs monitors, IV infusion pumps, x-ray machines and scope cleaners to name a few.

We need you!

Please make Georgian Bay General Hospital part of your summer cottage experience by giving a gift to purchase the equipment that we will use to care for your family in an emergency.

You can use the donation form below, or contact us if you have ideas, questions or comments to share.  We would love to hear from you! or 705-526-GIVE (4483)